The Next Steps For Your Journey

Michael Schaefer

God wants you to have a meaningful life in relationship with Him through His son, Jesus. He doesn’t force that desire on you.
On your own, there is nothing you can do to bring yourself into a right relationship with God. Good works won’t do it. Religion won’t do it. Morality won’t do it. Neither will money, philosophy, knowledge or science. This book is designed to help you get started on your journey, with six steps that will get you started:

He gives you a choice…
Studying Your Bible
Praying To God
Discovering Meaningful Friendships
Experiencing Water Baptism
Experiencing Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Living A Life Of Worship

God says in the bible that anyone who belongs to Jesus has become a new person… a new life has begun! If you asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins and come into our lives, then according to God Himself, you are a new creation! As of right now, real-life starts - Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!

Ten minutes to live

Sheri Schaefer

“I can almost smell her fear. She will tell me many weeks later that in those moments, she felt he might have only ten minutes left to live.”

Pastor Mike Schaefer is close to death from the life-threatening injuries of a skiing accident. His close, extended, and church families are determined to see him through. Joining forces to call on heaven and assail hell, they agree with one voice that he will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord.

Read this emotional yet triumphant true story of the faith of many and the day-to-day miracles of the God they serve.

The unpuzzled journey

Jason Kimberly

Imagine if you could read the narrative of Jesus Christ in one full seamless story, using every detail found in all four gospels of the Bible. What would you learn along the way? Would it uniquely enlighten you? Would it clarify events that may have confused you in the past?

 The four gospel accounts found in the Bible were each written to a different audience for various purposes. While reading one story, it can be challenging to envision the complete account of what genuinely took place. Much like having a puzzle piece and trying to match it to the full picture.

 The Unpuzzled Journey dares to take on the challenge of puzzling these pieces together so that you can visualize His journey on this earth. This resource brings the gospels together in an exclusive way and unlocks enigmas rarely seen before in His journey.

10-Minute Power Tips:
Raising Secure Kids in an Anxious World

Sheri Schaefer with Meg Schaefer

The purpose of this book is to be an encouragement to parents. I think parenting is the most important job we will ever have while we are on earth. For me, it was the hardest job I have had—and I’ve had several jobs. The reason parenting is so difficult, I believe, is that it is a 24-7, pretty much nonstop job, with the exception of some date nights, Mother’s Day outings, date nights or weekend getaways with a spouse. However, it is also difficult because to raise a well-mannered, disciplined child, you, the parent, need to be disciplined and selfless yourself. My first years of marriage were no picnic for me or my husband in so many ways, but it was really through parenting that the Lord began to help me see the lack of discipline and selfishness in my own life