Our Story

How it all started...

In late 1992, the Lord began to deal with Pastor Mike about being a Senior Pastor. In May of 1994, both Pastors Mike and Sheri resigned their ministry position. Six months later, they started Church Alive! Basically it began with Pastor Mike and Sheri, their two children, and one car (with an enormous truck). After a little time in the first location (an east side hotel), the Holy Spirit impressed Pastor Mike to cross the river and begin the church in the northwest area of Albuquerque. The Lord blessed Pastors Mike and Sheri and Church Alive! for following what the Lord had placed on their heart by producing a miracle for a fixed facility on Coors Blvd (the major street on the west side of Albuquerque). The church began to grow and most of the current staff began to attend and develop.

 Then began the trust period for Church Alive! The current facility changed ownership and caused the church to meet in temporary locations, primarily of which was Petrogliph elementary school. All of the equipment for Church Alive! had to fit into one large truck and it was necessary to set up everything week after week. Thankfully, due to the love and loyalty, of the church pastors and members, Church Alive! continued. As Pastors Mike and Sheri continued to believe for a fixed facility, they and the staff of Church Alive! were blessed once again.

 In August of 2003, Church Alive! moved into its current location! The vision and mission of Church Alive! is now cemented in our hearts by the testing of our faith, and now we focus on much more than a building made by human hands; that is people reaching, restoring, renewing, and reproducing Christ in the lives of others.

how do we start...

1. Every one of God’s Ambassadors should know how to lead someone to the Lord. They should learn how to lead or present Christ as the Lord and answer to people’s cry. - Training

2. Expand ourselves - Go beyond standards we set for ourselves. Truly submit to Christ and His purposes.

3. Pray

4. Find your place and get busy. If learning, get busy. If ushering, do it with all of your heart. But get involved.

5. Commit to the Long Haul - the rest of your lives to those who overcome!

Where we are headed...

Year by year we are dialing in what God has entrusted for Church Alive to achieve. We've always understood the Vision and Mission; but it's a whole other thing to walk out.

We are excited about the continued development of our vision and Mission, and expanding our campus to impact the community, which will serve as a model for other churches to duplicate.

Part of the vision of Church Alive is to create a workable healthy church culture, which can be duplicated throughout the world. We are just getting started!

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 10:00 am.