advanced coaching

Feeling the call of god, but not sure what steps to take?

Part of our vision here at Church Alive is to develop a culture that can be duplicated throughout the world. To accomplish this, we must ask the question, "What does a church need in order to stimulate health?" We've picked up resources along the way that help Save You Stress Time Energy and Money - in other words... healthy systems at maximum performance.

If you are feeling the call of God on your life, we want to speed up the process for you, so that when the Lord says "it's time," you've got a fighting chance at this thing called ministry.
Think through the lens of ministry as you prepare, and be a part of our team along the way!
Assimilation Coaching
How we move people from first-time guests to fully-engaged members
Worship Planning  Coaching
How we plan, implement and evaluate our services.
Leadership System Coaching
How we develop leaders at all levels of our church.
System Strategy Coaching
How we constantly evaluate and improve Church Alive.
Ministry  Coaching
How we mobilize people for significant ministry.
Life Groups System Coaching
How we fill and reproduce our Life Group environment at Church Alive.
Evangelism  Coaching
How we attract more unchurched and mobilize our people to reach more people for christ.
Stewardship  Coaching
How we inspire extravagant givers at Church Alive.